De-Addiction Center in Noida

Drug abuse and dependence can be treated in our de-addiction center in Noida with higher levels of success compared to those of other chronic conditions. Similarly to chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, the use of a combination of approaches (medications, behavioural changes, and health care for physical and psychological symptoms, regular treatment and check-up) during appropriate periods of time is needed to suit each individual’s needs and the severity of the problem at different stages of recovery to cure them.

There are many types of services for drug abuse or tobacco abuse users that may be linked to provide a ‘continuum of care’. If there is integration between different interventions, as clients are more likely to progress and move smoothly from one programme to another to become cautious and change their habits, and remain, drug-free.

Types of interventions

Early/brief interventions

Early/brief interventions are designed to prevent the progression to problematic drug or alcohol use by detecting persons who are using drugs in a potentially hazardous manner and helping them to stop or decrease use and stay happy with their family and to lead a good life in society. This is best carried out within the primary care system by general practitioners, health care team, nurses and community workers.

Outreach, harm reduction and low-threshold interventions

Outreach, harm reduction and low-threshold interventions aims in our De-addiction centre Noida to reach drug or alcohol users, build trust, provide basic living support, prevent or reduce negative health consequences associated with certain behaviours, and initiate a therapeutic process whenever the person is ready for it, without setting any abstinence as an initial condition. In relation to drug injecting, “harm reduction” components of comprehensive interventions aims to prevent transmission of HIV or any disease and other infections that occur through the sharing of non-sterile injection equipment to patients and drug preparations.


De-addiction centres in Noida is conducting Detoxification programmes to help a person who is dependent on a psychoactive substance to cease the uses of drugs in a way that minimizes the symptoms of withdrawal and the risk of complications, sometimes by using a prescribed medication. Detoxification alone has limited effectiveness and should be considered as the starting point for other treatment interventions aimed at abstinence and complete cure.

Counselling and psychotherapy

In our de-addiction center in Noida, counselling and psychotherapy forms as an integral part of most forms of treatment for drug abuse. They are aimed at initiating and maintaining behavioural and lifestyle changes and help to control urges to use these illicit substances. Counselling is an intensive interpersonal process concerned with assisting people in achieving their goals step by step or functioning more effectively. It uses a variety of methodologies and techniques, including motivational interventions, cognitive-behavioural approaches (social skills training, stress management, anger management, mind training), provision of incentives, community reinforcement therapies and family interventions. Psychotherapy is generally a longer-term process and is concerned with the reconstruction of the person and major changes in more fundamental psychological attributes, such as personality structure.

Many patients also require other services, such as medical and mental health services, vocational training, employment and housing support, and legal advice during treatment for drug de-addiction. Continuing care/aftercare.

As the patient progresses, the intensity of treatment decreases gradually and the final part of treatment entails by continuing with individual and group support in order to prevent a return to tobacco use or substance use. Full rehabilitation and reintegration require efforts at all levels from their families, friends and society.

Treatment Setting

Depending on the individual needs and problem severity, treatment interventions will take place in one of the following settings in our de-addiction center in Noida:

Community-based treatment is in a non-residential setting or Outpatient treatments are a day attendance daily based on the services provided from a hospital or de-addiction center Noida.

Residential treatment

Residential treatment programmes provide residential services as treatment services. This programme is generally provided to strive in an environment free of substance abuse, with an expectation for compliance in a number of activities such as detoxification, assessment, information/education, counselling, group work, vocational training for a drug-free life, and the development or recovery of social and life skills.

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